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  • January 17, 2009
  • 3 minutes read

Assault, Detention and Prevention of participants in a Demonstration Downtown Cairo

Assault, Detention and Prevention of participants in a Demonstration Downtown Cairo


 The Egyptian Security forces randomly arrested tens of demonstrators and blocked hundreds others from participating in peaceful demonstration in Ramses Square in downtown Cairo . Security forces also assaulted several other demonstrators with sticks to disperse the crowds.

Demonstrators were responding to a call by MB and other Egyptian national forces to condemn the continuation of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and the Arab stance. The demonstration was expected to take place in front of “Fath” Mosque in Ramses downtown Cairo.      


Egyptian security forces have also closed downtown and turned it into a military barracks in order to prevent the arrival of the demonstrators to the place of the demonstration as it closed Ramses and Ghamra underground stations.


While thousands demonstrated in front of “Alnor” mosque in Abbaseya after being able to reach Ramses Square, police attacked them for trying to head to Ramses and arrested dozens of them. Dr. Ahmad Diab (Secretary – General of MB parliamentary bloc) denounced these procedures which he described as “arbitrary” by Egyptian Security Forces towards the demonstrators, saying that this is the least we can do for Gaza.


He strongly criticized the authorities for aborting the demonstration in Ramsis. He added; “in all countries around the world, even in Tel Aviv, demonstrations condemning the terrorist attacks on Gaza Strip were permitted by Security forces without assaults, unlike what happens in Egypt”.


Dr. Ahmad explained how the Egyptian Regime could have used these demonstrations as pressure cards; however the regime does not care about having any pressure cards, it even works on burning it all!


MP Azab Mostafa (one of the demonstrators), in an exclusive statement to ikhwanweb, criticized what he called “a barbaric treatment by police in preventing peaceful demonstrations” explaining that this is a proof of the Egyptian political regime’s failure and its restriction of the freedom of opinion and expression”

Among participants were MP Ahmad Diab (Secretary-General of MB parliamentary bloc), Esam Mokhtar, Mohamed Albeltagy, Mohamed Shaker and Mohamed Ismail.


This demonstration comes one in tens of demonstrations which the Egyptian Security has prevented and arrested hundreds of MB members from different provinces in Egypt at a time where the formal Arab regime suffers clear divisions evident in holding two summits at the same time.