Assem: Congratulations to Egypt’s National Football Team

Assem: Congratulations to Egypt’s National Football Team

 Congratulations from the heart to the fine young-men comprising the Egyptian football team, whose efforts were crowned today (Sunday) with a brilliant win in their game against Congo, thus qualifying for the World Cup 2018.

Congratulations to the Egyptian people who suffer great misery and crises caused by the criminal rulers: repression, debts and fears. The junta killed the Egyptians’ dreams of advancement and rejuvenation and competing with the world in all fields of science and the arts until they now seek joy in anything, even a win in a football match to savor happiness for a change.

Congratulations to all Egyptians for this small joy. Our sincere wishes for all Egyptians to achieve real joys and achievements in all fields, soon.

A lesson from today’s victory. When young people’s endeavors meet in the field, with broad public support, together with the talents and abilities of the qualified and trained, in an environment that appreciates and supports the talented, success is the well-deserved result of the equation.

Ahmed Assem

Muslim Brotherhood Media spokesman

Sunday – October 8, 2017