Association of Muslim Scholars: Four Groups Lead Revolution in Iraq

Association of Muslim Scholars: Four Groups Lead Revolution in Iraq

 Mohamed Bashar Al-Faidhi, spokesman for the Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS) in Iraq, revealed the reality of the situation on the ground in Iraq: a real revolution against a regime of injustice, tyranny, oppression and slavery imposed by PM Nouri Al-Maliki against Sunni Muslims in Iraq for far too long.

In an AMS statement, Al-Faidhi said there are four forces driving the Iraqi revolution currently: First, tribal revolutionaries. These are independent, motivated by a sense of resentment against injustices inflicted upon them by the regime. They therefore joined the revolution, and their goal is basically self-defense, as well as rejection of the humiliation the current regime caused them without any consideration for the tribal customs of Iraq.

The second revolutionary group is Iraq’s major resistance factions, such as the "Rashideen Army", the "Tab’een Army", "Al-Ishreen revolutionaries", and "Mohamed the Conqueror Army", etc… Those resisted the U.S. occupation. Then, after US troops left, they halted all activities for fear of killing their own Iraqi brothers, and also to allow an opportunity to mend problems without fighting. However, these have returned to fighting action when they saw that Al-Maliki does not work to an Iraqi agenda, but is allied to the US and Iran. This group is considered the largest faction in the revolution today.

The third group is the Iraqi revolutionaries’ military council. This was established during the Anbar events, and became an actor in several Iraqi provinces. Many independent officers who previously served in the Iraqi army are now active with this group.

In conclusion, Al-Faidhi said that the fourth group is the organization called the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), which appeared on the scene at the height of the Battle of Mosul. This joined the fray with only a small number of fighters – no more than 500, and about 120 vehicles. But, unfortunately, the media exaggerated the strength of the organization, and showed as if it was the sole or primary player in the ongoing developments, for non-innocent goals.