Association of Palestinian scholars slams Egypt’s steel wall

Association of Palestinian scholars slams Egypt’s steel wall

The association of Palestinian scholars stated Monday that the steel wall being built on its borders with the Gaza Strip is prohibited in Islam and a major sin because it will lead to the killing of the besieged Gaza people.

In a news conference held in the courtyard of the Palestinian legislative council (PIC), the association appealed to the Arab League and the organization of the Islamic conference to assume their responsibilities and urge the Egyptian government to backtrack on the construction of the wall and remove it immediately.

The association condemned the wall as an extension to the apartheid wall built by Israel in the West Bank.

For his part, Dr. Salim Salama, the deputy head of the association, warned that the Egyptian steel wall will cause environmental hazards to the life in Gaza in general and has devastating effects on groundwater in particular.

Dr. Salama underlined that Egypt, when it decided to build this wall, had renounced its expected role towards Arab and Muslim peoples and reflected its surrender to the Zio-American dictates.

He hailed the international union for Muslim scholars for condemning this wall and slammed Sheikh of Al-Azhar Mohamed Tantawi for issuing a fatwa in favor of the wall.

In the same context, Sheikh Mohamed Al-Nabulsi, a noted Syrian scholar, strongly denounced in a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC) the fatwa issued by Al-Azhar scholars which legalized the building of the wall on Gaza borders.

“We hoped that Al-Azhar scholars and members of the Islamic research council had criminalized the blockade, the closure of crossings, the Judaization of Jerusalem, the desecration of the Aqsa Mosque, and the attempts to demolish it,” Sheikh Nablusi underlined.

The Syrian scholar affirmed that Al-Azhar fatwa is not based on a religious text or evidence and is aimed to please the besieging parties.

For his part, Sheikh Mohamed Rajeh, another Syrian scholar, told the PIC that the steel wall of Egypt is the biggest betrayal known in the Islamic history, describing the construction of this wall as “impudence”.

Sheikh Rajeh said that the building of this wall is forbidden in Islam unless Egypt opens its crossings permanently before Gaza people, adding that the parties which are building this wall, intend to kill one and a half million to please God’s enemies.

For their part, the professors of Egyptian universities deplored Monday in a joint statement the Egyptian government for building a steel war on the Palestinian-Egyptian borders and described it as the “wall of shame”.

They also slammed the government for closing the border crossings and preventing aid convoys from reaching Gaza and called on it to take effective measures to protect the national security of Egypt against the real enemies.