Aswan Muslim Brotherhood: Coup Authorities Lying; Accused is No Brotherhood Member

Aswan Muslim Brotherhood: Coup Authorities Lying; Accused is No Brotherhood Member

The Muslim Brotherhood in Aswan affirmed that a Nubian citizen called Negm Al-Din Hassan, who was arrested and faces charges of inciting sedition between the tribes of Bani Hilal and Daboudiya, does not belong to the Brotherhood.

In a press release, the Muslim Brotherhood in Aswan accused coup authorities of lying and deliberate slander, saying: "The military coup authorities continue a determined series of deliberate lies and farcical fabrications, with the military-appointed Aswan Security Directorate now claiming that the Nubian citizen Negm Al-Din Hassan, now in police custody facing charges of incitement to sedition between tribes, belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is totally false, just like a whole long list of slanders and false allegations propagated by the military coup authorities against the Brotherhood".

The group revealed a clear contradiction in the illegitimate interior ministry’s statements which first assured that the cause of the clashes was a dispute between students in a school. Moreover, a report by the coup-appointed prosecutor confirmed that the cause of the problem was offensive graffiti written by students who belonged to the two tribes, and that the Muslim Brotherhood had nothing to do with these violent incidents.

The Brotherhood noted that testimonies by all members of the two tribes, made in many media sources and outlets including satellite TV channels, confirm that these clashes had nothing to do with political stances or arguments, and that neither the Brotherhood nor any supporters of democratic legitimacy have anything to do with them.

The Brotherhood accused coup-installed Aswan Security Directorate heads of trying to hang their utter failure to uphold law and older, maintain security or protect the lives of innocent people on their favorite scapegoat: the Muslim Brotherhood, especially as the situation spiraled out of control and the people, families and tribes of Aswan escalated their demands to oust the coup-appointed governor, the director of security and other heads of the Security Directorate in Aswan.