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  • November 13, 2011
  • 3 minutes read

At an Upper Egypt Rally, FJP Candidates Vow to Rebuild What Regime Destroyed

At an Upper Egypt Rally, FJP Candidates Vow to Rebuild What Regime Destroyed

During a conference organized by the party Friday, Secretary General and parliamentary candidate for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in Assiut governorate, Dr. Ali Ezz el Deen Thabet, stated that there is no room for any corrupt members of the former regime’s NDP in the new parliament.

Thabet called on the people to refrain from voting for the remnants who succeeded for years to ruin the lives of many arrogantly nominating themselves for parliament.

He stated that the FJP’s priority lies in restoring Egypt’s stolen rights after years of living in poverty and snubbed by the former corrupt regime. "We will rebuild Egypt and return the farmers true valued place in the community”.

Ghad and Thowra Party leader, Abdul Monem Al-Tounesy, also on the FJP list, asserted: “The January Revolution was a success after the people succeeded in toppling the regime and its leader. Much work, however, is still needed to eradicate the damage left by the former system and rebuild the country”.

Dr. Abd Allah Sayed Sawy on the North Assuit FJP list added “The FJP is hoping to establish a civil state based on Islamic references guaranteeing justice and equality for all with full respect to the rule of law”.Explaining the steps to a valid vote, he called on all to participate in the 2011 elections and head to the polling stations and vote for reform.

In a similar conference Mohamed Hamed Al-Shorbogy, from the youth in Dayrout stated “Now is the chance for the youth to perform their duty in building Egypt especially after the revolution and to restore Egypt’s position in the region and the world”. He stressed Egypt is full of valuable resources which has built civilizations over the decades.

Dr. Mohamed Salama Bakr, also a candidate, indicated that the FJP has a true reform project it aims at applying regardless of securing seats or not.

Mahmoud Helmy From the party’s Executive Committee in North Assuit explained that the party’s proposed platform observes four main points focussing on reform, justice, development and leadership. “Numerous sects need reform especially in the political, economic and social areas”.