At First Public Rally in Beheira, Morsi Urges Egyptians to Protect Revolution

At First Public Rally in Beheira, Morsi Urges Egyptians to Protect Revolution

In a public conference in Damanhur (in the Egyptian province of Beheira) attended by thousands of supporters, Saturday, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for Egypt’s presidency, explained that the Brotherhood engaged in the presidential election in order to meet the demands of the people with neither lethargy nor hesitation, without callousness or back-pedaling.

The FJP leader affirmed that a leader officially tasked with the mission of administration will certainly shoulder his responsibility and do his duty, be at the forefront of defending his homeland and people, and finding for them a way to safety, stability and real renaissance.

He reiterated that the January 25 revolution stunned the world and took by surprise the tyrant Mubarak, his chums and cronies and all beneficiaries of corruption during his reign.

“Mubarak committed many heinous crimes against the Egyptian people, and against all Arabs. Egypt is a leading power amongst Arab countries, her sons and daughters, her people chant and aspire to live under just rule.

“So the people revolted on 25 January to speak the same words and chant the same demands, with all their religions, denominations and ages, men and women alike.

“For one thing, the revolution saw active participation of women and children. Mothers and fathers would wake their children to go out and take part in the revolution. Indeed, there is virtually no household in Egypt which does not have a participant in the revolution.

”Dr. Morsi added that, “Remnants of the old regime still live amongst us. The people of Egypt were very generous with them. But they did not appreciate that the people of Egypt forgave them.

“So, they abused the media in a ferocious and relentless war of deliberate misinformation, slander and vilification in order to confuse the people, in a desperate attempt to re-produce the former regime and the notoriously brutal State Security apparatus, in collusion with enemies abroad.

“For there are many enemies of Egypt who do not want anything good to come to Egypt; nor do they like to see it cross to safety.

”The presidential aspirant continued, saying: “Our Coptic brothers and sisters took part in the revolution, showing their loyalty to their homeland, with strong determination and persistence to protect the revolution.

“This was reflected clearly in the recent parliamentary elections, which was expressive of the will of the whole Egyptian people. And the whole world testified that they were free and fair elections.

He stressed that Islam regulates the relations of people with one another as well as the relationship of ruler with his people, and also the relations between the State and other States.

“Islamic reference in nation-building is the essential basis for the establishment of a fair system of governance. The people have valid fears and major, heavy concerns, and we must seek to alleviate their suffering.

“For decades the people were exploited by thugs and cronies of the former regime who looted their homes and killed their children.

”Dr. Morsi explained that people have many problems, “The former regime used to stop production lines and close factories and companies, throwing workers jobless onto the streets, all for the benefit of corrupt chums and cronies.

“Egypt needs strong resolve and determination, to create real freedom. It needs a President who truly represents the people. Right now, there are attempts to disrupt or subvert the revolution and to drag the homeland back in time. But certainly the Egyptian people will never accept that.

”The Brotherhood’s presidential candidate stressed that, “Those attempts are led by paid mercenary Media outlets. They talk about the revolution, crying crocodile tears for it, quickly donning the mask of patriotism.

“Indeed, patriotism is totally innocent of them as they sow corruption and mischief in the whole society. But they will be shames as the ultimate losers. The people, especially in post-revolution Egypt, are alert, able to distinguish the best choice for them in the presidential election, the best person to represent them and serve and advance their interests, and to fulfill all their hopes for a dignified life.

”He added that there is real progress, real renaissance to come by the will of the Egyptians, not linked to any foreign policy or affiliated with any remnants or cronies of the former regime.

“Old system holdovers have been exposed in front of the Egyptian people as a whole. No-one will trust them anymore, for all the crises and problems they fabricate. However, we must be aware and alert to chums and vestiges of the ousted regime still operating treacherously in the Media and in all institutions. They must know their real place in the eyes of the people, with their dishonorable and unworthy history.

”The FJP Chairman asserted that the Egyptian people are like one integral whole, and that insidious plots will fail to divide the Egyptian people, Muslims and Christians and political currents or ideological leanings.

“Egyptians are a friendly compassionate nation; they love one another. I’m certain the ship of the renaissance will move forth by the will of the Egyptian people, men and women. We all belong to the homeland; we will all serve and sacrifice for Egypt and its noble people.

”He stressed that young people are the bearers of the torch, “We should never marginalize the role of youth. We should help guide them on the path to fully achieve the goals of the revolution.

“Those goals inspire us all and give us a common purpose. But first, we must put our house in order: resolve all crises crippling production and rejuvenation, as a prelude to achieving real renaissance and progress.

“I urge people to educate themselves and the whole community about the facts and benefits of Renaissance Project, also its goal of achieving a decent dignified life for all Egyptians.

”Finally, Dr. Morsi, Egypt’s newest presidential candidate, called on all loyal, patriotic Egyptians to endeavor to protect the revolution, complete the march of democratic transformation and defend the homeland from its enemies, and the revolution from hijack attempts.

“The Egyptian people in their hearts and minds will rise against anyone who tries to conspire against the revolution, and will sideline all reactionaries. This is clear to all from the scenes of Friday April 20, with millions of people flowing into Tahrir Square in protest against SCAF’s maneuvers.

“Indeed, the people are aware of the major challenges ahead. They know now what is being plotted against the revolution, and will prove that – with God’s help – they will emerge honored and victorious.”