• February 20, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

Attorney General Orders 48 Al-Azhar MB Students Released

Attorney General Orders 48 Al-Azhar MB Students Released

Egyptian Attorney General released, on Monday, 48 of Al-Azhar Muslim Brotherhood.


Counselor Abdul Magid Mahmoud ordered, Monday, about 48 students affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group from Al-Azhar University released after they were detained due to an athletic display performed last December.


This raises to 82 the number of released MB students after 34 others were released out of a total of 124 detained students.


Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud, the Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, welcomed the decision, pointing out that although it has been delayed but it is a step ahead.


Abdul Maqsoud demanded the Interior Minister quickly release the remaining 42 students, specially students they are detained pending investigations.


Abdul Maqsoud criticized the decision of Al-Azhar University of transferring students to disciplinary boards, pointing that they are punished twice on that did not happen.


The MB lawyer added that the period of detention that they spent in prison is enough for a punishment, demanding the university administration to give the students a chance to attend their classes.


For his part, Amr Hamed, the Secretary-General of the Free Student Union in Egyptian universities said:” This step is very good and we hope that all detainees return home and that the university doesn’t impose a punishment on them, specially that the students did not commit any offence to face such a punishment.