Attorneys for Plaintiffs Fear Mitigation of Mubarak Charges

Attorneys for Plaintiffs Fear Mitigation of Mubarak Charges

Gamal Hanafy, member of the Egyptian Lawyers Syndicate and a leader in Freedom and Justice Party, denounced preventing lawyers of martyrs and injured of the 25 January Revolution from attending the trial of the deposed president Hosni Mubarak and his Minister of Interior Habib Al Adly, while selectively allowing some lawyers to attend.  

In an interview with Ikhwanweb, Hanafi stated that in the first trial to Mubarak and Al Adly, many lawyers of the martyrs and injured were prevented from attending the hearings without a reason.

Hanafi pointed out that a defense to the families of the martyrs and casualties sought to obtain a permit from the court, but up until now there is a great intransigence in obtaining such permits which have become an ambiguous matter. Hanafi hoped that these would be some formalities that would end as soon as possible, pointing out that there is a concern for not obtaining official permits until now, which in return may affect the integrity of the trial proceedings.

Hanafi expressed concerns that there are invisible hands messing with the trial procedures and trying to exclude some distinguished and professional lawyers of the martyrs and casualties, such lawyers whom are expected to have distinguished roles during the live transmission of the trials hearings on TV.

“The intransigence might lead to the mitigation of the deterrent sentence expected towards Mubarak and Al Adly in the case of killing protesters,” He added.

Hanafi asserted that there will be a protest in front of the Ministry of Justice to denounce such procedures which never happened during the rule of the deposed president Mubarak, not even in the hearings of the military trials. He also declared that the Egyptian revolution did not end, and will never come to an end unless all its demands are fulfilled, above all are the trials of the killers of protesters.