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  • September 10, 2008
  • 14 minutes read

August: 12 Sit-ins, 11 Strikes, 7 Demos, 6 Protests, Dismissal of 6065 Laborers

August: 12 Sit-ins, 11 Strikes, 7 Demos, 6 Protests, Dismissal of 6065 Laborers

In its August report monitoring the workers movement, Awlad Al-Ard Organization for Human Rights indicated that August alone has witnessed 12 sits-in, 11 strikes, 7 demos, 6 protests, and dismissal of 6065 laborers.


The organization said that Sheikh Al-Azhar dispensed with 6000 workers who contributed in building more than 200 Azhari institutes and denied their right of appointment.


Regarding sits-in, the report said that teachers of Itai Al-Baroud”s Educational District in Al-Buhairah governorate organized a sit-in at the teachers” syndicate committee for three successive days in protest against the special cadre tests.


In Northern Sinai, hundreds of teachers have organized a sit-in inside the Teachers” Syndicate at Al-Areesh in protest against being denied the second phase of the special cadre.


Seventy workers at “Ameba” company resumed their sit-in before the Ministry of Petroleum against denying their rights of appointment at the company in which they served for longer times.


In Daqahliah, the report added, nearly 250 workers at Talkha power plant have also participated in a sit-in against halting the payment of “efforts fees” since the new chairman assuming the office lat June.


In Al-Gharbiah, more than 350 of Sinioretta foods factory”s staff have organized a protest against abstaining from increasing the basic salary in the social insurance and fixing their salaries to only EGP 105.


More than 3000 teachers and workers at the Azhari institutes have organized a protest before Al-Azhar Sheikhdom”s headquarter against denying the right of appointment of more than 6000 teachers and workers who have already contributed in building new institutes.


In Helwan, more than 500 workers at Asek for Cement Company went through a sit-in calling for being paid 15 days during Ramadan and other 15 days fees for the outset of school semesters.


In Cairo, workers at Mahmoud Abdul-Salam for maintaining bedrooms and engines of the trains have also gone through a protest against their poor financial standards compared to their railway counterparts.


Before Cairo governorate”s headquarter, more than 150 workers at Ideal Olympics company have organized a protest against the decision passed by Cairo”s governor of joining two land spots at Gesr Al-Swees street though those spots are judicially under dispute between the workers and the company”s administration.


On the same regard, Al-Sayeda Nafisa, Port Said, and Rud Al-Farag garages, there have been more than 5000 workers and drivers at the AMA Al-Arab for Cleansing going through work strike calling for the payment of 30% increase decided by President Mubarak and for working only eight hours according to the Labor Law.


In Qaliobia, more than 500 taxicab drivers from Banha city have abstained from work in protest against the traffic police oppression, confiscating nearly 3850 cars, and enacting more than 6200 fines since the new traffic law came into force.