• July 9, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Austria Parliament Moves to Stop Egypt Executions, Human Rights Violations

Austria Parliament Moves to Stop Egypt Executions, Human Rights Violations

Austria’s Parliament called upon the country’s government to intervene through the European Union and the United Nations to put pressure on the military regime in Egypt to stop the execution of death sentences against President Mohamed Morsi and other political opponents, irrespective of ideological differences with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Austrian Parliament also called for the government to intervene with the Egyptian military regime to respect the general principles of the European Union and the United Nations which provide for the abolition of the death penalty and respect for human rights in general.

This significant move by the Austrian Parliament came during a visit by a delegation from the legitimate Egyptian Parliament (in exile) headed by MP Mohamed Al-Fiqi, along with MP Osama Suleiman and MP Amer Abdel-Rahim, on July 7-8, 2015.

The Egyptian parliamentary delegation was received with thunderous applause, at the parliament’s plenary session broadcast live by Austrian television. During the session, the delegation detailed the tragic situation in Egypt after the military coup, prompting the Austrian Parliament to set a special session to discuss the Egyptian issue the following day (Wednesday – July 8, 2015) after a request was made by the four major parties represented in parliament.

In the presence of the Egyptian parliamentary delegation and the Austrian Foreign Minister, the July 8 session (which Austrian television also broadcast live) discussed the overall situation in Egypt, the ongoing violations of human rights there, the Rabaa massacre and the death sentences issued against opponents of the coup.

During the session, a lawmaker from the ruling Socialist Party denounced the atrocities in Egypt and human rights violations there, and condemned the death sentences issued against President Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie, members of parliament and along with many other opponents.

Austria’s Parliament asked the government to intervene without delay, at all levels of bilateral relations, the European Union and the United Nations, to put pressure on the Egyptian government to respect human rights and to refrain from implementing the death sentences issued recently.

During the vote on session resolutions, members of the Austrian Parliament unanimously agreed that what happened in Egypt on July 3, 2013 was a military coup. They also objected to the implementation of the death sentences and condemned human rights violations.

The Austrian Parliament vowed to take part in the second anniversary of the Rabaa massacre, which will be August, 14.

The Austrian Parliament further agreed to send a congratulatory message to reassure and congratulate Muslims in Austria for the holy month of Ramadan.

This move by the Austrian Parliament represents a unique step by any European Parliament in favor of the Egyptian Revolution and human rights in Egypt. It also represents a significant slap in the face of the military coup which is making relentless efforts to blockade the Egyptian Revolution, to prevent it from highlighting the atrocities and tragedies committed by this bloody coup.