Ayman Nour’s – Elections in the Dark Warns of Vote-Rigging

Ayman Nour’s – Elections in the Dark Warns of Vote-Rigging



Mohamed Beltagy, assistant secretary-general of the MB parliamentary bloc and member of the National Association for Change, has stressed that participation in the upcoming elections discloses the anticipated foul play by the authoritarian regime in Egypt.

Beltagy, during a conference held on Monday under the slogan “Elections in the Dark", said that the regime is putting out all the sources of light one after the other, starting from the elimination of judiciary supervision in 2007 to the restrictions imposed on the media, which confirms its intention to forge the elections.

Beltagy underscored the significance of the combined efforts of all the national forces, particularly in the post-2010 election period, aimed at retrieving the usurped rights of the Egyptian people.

Abdel Galil Mustafa, general coordinator of the National Association for Change, said that the slogan “Elections in the Dark” is justified amid the recent crackdown on opposition media which shows that the regime wants to practice its politics in the dark where people are blindfolded and gagged, adding that the association’s struggle against the regime is not an easy one but that they will not stop regardless of the difficulties.

He hoped that a final ruling to be handed down against the ruling regime is similar to the verdict on the exclusion of university guards from Egyptian universities.

“The regime is blocking all the sources of light so that its crimes can be committed in secrecy, but we have the power to uncover them,” said Mustafa.

Ahmed Shaaban, co-founder of Kefaya, said that the movement has decided to boycott the elections because of all the indications; he cited the forging of student elections and the restrictions imposed on the media.

Shaaban called the upcoming elections “a democratic disaster” and promised that the opposition will continue fighting it.

“The government will not be able to stop the current of change, the bullet of change has been fired and it will never go back,” said Shaaban. Political activist, Karima Al-Hefnawy, says that the crackdown on the media is aimed at making the election period a “smooth period during which only the government’s spokespeople can talk.

” She said that the government has intensified its efforts to hold the elections in the dark because of the increased foreign and local attention it is attracting.