Azhar Student Election Transgressions And Probes

Azhar Student Election Transgressions And Probes


Yearly security violations during Student Union elections prepared for elections in Asyut University this year by transferring MB students to investigations and discipline sessions.


From the Faculty of Pharmacy, 13 were transferred who had been welcoming new students and offering services for them while a student named Abu Bakr Mohamed Yusuf from the Faculty of Law was expelled for a month for giving a welcome speech to the new students.


Last Tuesday upon returning from the October 6 break, students were surprised to find that nomination doors had opened without any prior announcements, except for a few ads in areas of low student traffic.


The University”s administration committed many violations to hamper student nominations.  In the Faculty of Engineering, an MB student was prevented from submitting his nomination form and expelled by the Deputy Dean.  When the student opposed claiming his right to participate, the Deputy Dean insulted and humiliated him in front of his colleagues and insisting on his stand.  Another student”s ID was refused with the excuse that, according to the employee, the picture was unsuitable because of his beard.  Also, security presence had been intense around the Offices of Student Development and Student Affairs which prevented students from approaching the area.


Further, as students from the Faculty of Science went to pay their fees, the Head of Student Affairs told them that the treasury had closed from Tuesday to Saturday and that they were given orders not to issue any IDs for students during this period.  When students asked for nomination forms they were told to get it from the Faculty”s Deputy Dean who, in turn, told them to go to the Head of Student Development who wasn”t found in his office.  They returned to the Deputy Dean to find him in a closed meeting with the Head of Student Affairs and a group of students from the appointed Student Union.  At the end of the meeting one of these students went out and stood in the faculty”s courtyard yelling insults at the rest of the appointed student union who seemed to have abandoned him.


In the Faculty of Medicine, the ID employee requested that they show a Soldier 6 military card which could not possibly be issued on the same day.


In the Faculty of Commerce, security employee presence had been intense inside the Offices of Student Affairs and Development and one of them had been filling out nomination forms himself.


Similarly, in the Faculty of Law, where a large number of students had been waiting for their IDs to be issued, security and Student Development employees were carrying out ID procedures for some students whom the Security Guards themselves had nominated, a matter which provoked students who were as a result ignored and not able to issue their ids.