Azhar Students Associate To Stand Up For Their Rights

Azhar Students Associate To Stand Up For Their Rights



Azhar students announced the formation of the “I Want My Rights” Association in response to the transgressions on the part of the security and university administration in student elections and in their transferring of students to investigations and disciplinary punishment sessions, expelling them, and excluding them from the university hostel.


In their statement, the students said, “We have rights guaranteed to us by the law that we”ve been inattentive to and battled for at the same time because of our passivity in asking or standing up for them.”


Among the rights they called for were their right to take part in the Student Union, which they currently have no clue about; their rights within the hostel which most of them have been prevented from residing in because of the administration”s stubbornness; their right to discounts on college fees; their right to books they are not capable of buying; their right to suitable class and lab environments; and their right to an appropriate curricula.


“Did you hear about any Student Union elections being held this year? Did you see any announcements on when nominations were going to be held?  Do you know how the student union in your college was formed this year? Did you hear about your colleagues (more than 200) who”ve been excluded from the hostel for no reason, most of them bright students?  Have you seen your colleagues who”ve been sleeping on the streets and in the mosques because of the high apartment prices?  Do you know about your colleagues who”ve been expelled from the University for no reason?,” the students asked. 


The students further expressed their disappointment at the fact that Student Union elections for most of the faculties were held on the 29th of Ramadan, a day where no students had been present, and that the winners were appointed and unopposed explaining that they are those whom the university and security are “satisfied” with. 


The students also pointed out that Al-Azhar is the only university where students have not seen a ballot box since 13 years. 


The students further mentioned that 4 students had been expelled from the Faculty of Medicine for no reason in spite of a professor”s witness that the accusations made against them were fabricated and that they had not shown any inappropriate behavior.


Moreover, the students turned attention to the fact that what is happening in Azhar University is a cumulative outcome of many years that have passed during which students have abandoned and given up on their rights with strange passivity.