Azhar Students Protest Against Excluding Them From Hostel

Azhar Students Protest Against Excluding Them From Hostel

Al-Azhar University students launched on Monday October 20, the campaign of “I Want My Right” through a silent stand before the university”s administration building, to protest against forging student elections by the security, the security interference in the affairs of the university, and also the exclusion from the hostel.


Over 200 students were excluded from the hostel, most of them are MB students, without showing any legal grounds, and despite the fact that the students fulfilled all the requirements of the hostel and that they all have high graduations that qualify them for residing in, they were excluded without any justifiable reasons, but for implementing what the security wants.

The students asked the president of the university to intervene to restore the usurped rights of the students, but the president of the university D. Ahmed Al-Tayeb had met them unfriendly yesterday, and expelled them from before his office.

One of the students commented on the exclusion, saying that the University wants to displace its students, as rent apartments” prices are too high which students can not bear, in addition to the greed of the brokers and their exploitation of the students.

The students also demanded canceling the decisions of expelling four of their colleagues in the Faculty of Medicine, they are ( Omar Talaat Mahmoud, Moamen Mohamed Abdul Aziz,  Mohamed Ibrahim Abdul Wahab, and Ammar Adel Al Ashry), as those students were deprived from examinations of the Fifth Division of the Faculty of Medicine, according to this decision.

The Students held banners reading “(Excluded Students…. where are our rights of residing in) and (If you are excluded from the university hostel … Then you are definitely in Al-Azhar University) and (God and yes Suffice agent / I want my right within the hostel)”.

The students stressed at the end of the first activity of “I Want My Right” Association that they will protest every day to restore their rights.