Badei Calls For National Unity to Protect Revolution

Badei Calls For National Unity to Protect Revolution

Dr. Mohamed Badei, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, called on the Egyptian people to protect their blessed revolution against those who are trying to hijack it away from its values and the goals of justice, equality and freedom; expressing confidence that God is guarding the revolution.
These statements were made during a conference and mass rally held in the city of Fayoum on Tuesday evening, attended by more than 25,000. Badei emphasized the need to unite all political factions in Egypt around the goals of the revolution so as to make sure that no other ruling dictatorship would emerge. He also added that the people are aware of their freedoms and will make their own Constitution with their own hands. He emphasized that the success of the Egyptian revolution was due to the people resorting to Allah Almighty.
The MB chairman sent a message to the government of Greece as the convoy of Freedom 2 Flotilla is due to sail from Greek shores. Badei called on the Greek government to be keen to win the love of the people of the world and facilitate the exit procedures of the convoy because the people will remain the main assets. He called on the Greeks to abandon the interests of the Zionists and selling human values for a cheap price by stopping this humanitarian campaign. He said that the people will not forget the Greek government’s negative position.
Badei called for pressing through ethical and moral values, because the human soul, he said, only gives in to this kind of pressure, and this is what the secularists, who hate values ??and ethics, resist most because value-loaded discourse would restrict their desires and wild instincts, and they do not want that. He continued criticizing the enemies of values ??and divine religions who seek to distort the image of Islam and benefit from this, saying that they were seeking their pleasures in this earthly world and have been mocking the verses of the Quran and abusing them for their own interests.  
He expressed grief for the state that Egypt reached under the former regime, which closed all the doors of freedom in front of Egyptian trade unions, student unions, and even clubs, as well as faculty members. Badei said that because of these policies Egypt became more like a room full of gas that could be set off by anything.  

He expressed his confidence in the Minister of Tourism, Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, who bears the primarily responsible for the Muslims’ pilgrimage, saying he is much better than many of the Muslim ministers who used to profiteer with tourism companies at the expense of the pilgrims and charge the people more than five thousand pounds extra without any due justification.

He emphasized that the hands of the Brotherhood are extended to all parties "including the one who attacked us". He also pointed out that he told the political parties during their meeting with the ruling military junta that the Muslim Brotherhood is putting everything they have in your hands; to be an added force to whoever acts to serve Egypt. He also invited them to compete in the upcoming parliamentary elections through a consolidated list that has "the best of what you have and the best of what we have".

He emphasized the sincerity of the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that the group deals with integrity and is straightforward with the military junta. He said: "When they do good, we tell them that they did good. When they do otherwise, we tell them that they did not do the right thing and we show them what we see as right, because the Muslim Brotherhood are working for Allah and for Egypt," he said.  

Badei, at the end of his speech, said that "we – all Egyptians – should be as one hand; Muslims and Christians, men and women, and young and old in front of the enemy that wants to deprive us of our love for each other and deny us our freedom". He stressed the need to work together to build Egypt and protect the nation so as to build on Egypt’s glorious history and give it a happy future.