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  • February 23, 2013
  • 4 minutes read

Badie: Dialogue is Way to Build and Progress

Badie: Dialogue is Way to Build and Progress

 Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, said that the use of violence is alien to the nature and temperament of the Egyptian people, who are mostly peaceful, patient and tolerant.

In a weekly speech, entitled ‘Brotherhood in the face of violence’, Dr. Badie further said: "There are those who hate to see Egypt and all the countries of the Arab Spring rise and prosper. Money is being paid, plots are being masterminded, and malicious plans are being drawn to retract all steps taken by the revolution and destroy all its achievements – freedom, reconstruction, cleansing institutions and pursuing corrupt officials and individuals.

"There are those who bet on a return to the era of oppression and corruption, enemies at home – who were servants and beneficiaries of the deposed regime, and enemies abroad – who hate for us any pride or power, and consider the blessed revolution the biggest threat to them after losing what they described as ‘a strategic treasure’ for them. There is even an organized campaign of deliberate vilification of Egypt’s great army which protects the entire nation, and has done so throughout its history. One wonders: Who benefits from such a treacherous slander and vilification campaign?"

Dr. Badie pointed that, in the January Revolution, all protesters were peaceful. There was not even one incident of assault, abuse or sexual harassment. There was unity, cohesion, harmony, compassion – with people sharing everything, even bread. There was order and cleanliness, chastity and purity. The end was noble and so was the means.

Dr. Badie added that: "All this has now been replaced with fierce attempts to destroy, burn and vandalize state institutions, block all roads, disrupt interests of ordinary people, and shooting people with live ammunition, with clear involvement in all vices – alcohol, drugs, harassment and rape.

"Dialogue, positive participation, honesty, sincerity and selflessness, aiming to serve the present and the future of this nation, this homeland, closing ranks and working together, is the way to build and effect a real renaissance, to ensure the success of the revolution and give hope and good example to all the peoples of the region and the whole world. As for the use of violence, malicious plots and conspiracies, they share one end, of which we are certain, they will always backfire, hurting their perpetrators."