Badie: Meaningful Art is Important to Restore Egypt’s Leading Role

Badie: Meaningful Art is Important to Restore Egypt’s Leading Role

During his meeting with Actor Ashraf Abdul Ghafour, head of the Actors Syndicate on Tuesday, Dr. Mohamed Badie stressed the importance of Arts in Egypt’s development and restoring its leadership role in the region. Both parties agreed that it was imperative an ethical code be set like with any profession in order to regulate its performance and advance it further to serve Egypt’s interests.

For his part, Abdul Ghafour expressed his pleasure at meeting Badie stating: "Acting is a sophisticated means of promoting the national and patriotic identity highlighting the value of peoples’ freedom and should be portrayed in an upright manner".

He added: "Dr. Badie clarified numerous religious issues which have been vague previously. I have now come to understand the MB’s stance regarding Arts. The former regime had worked hard to tarnish and defame the MB’s vision concerning the industry, but after today’s meeting, I believe that the future of the performing Arts in Egypt will be bright". 

Ali Gharieb of the MB Arts Committee stated: "Today’s meeting was designed to build relations with the heads of the acting industry and to expand the horizons’ in addition to promote dialogue after Mubarak’s ousted regime worked on distorting the MB’s image for decades". 

He explained that for years, the MB had played a role in supporting renowned actors including George Abyad and Abdul Monem Madbouly asserting that the MB acknowledges the importance of drama as an effective tool to endorse significant messages.  

Sayed Darwish, Head of the MB’s Art Committee stated: "Both Dr. Badie and Abdul Ghafour agreed it is necessary  for the workers in the Art industry to do their own self-monitoring in order to ensure that the Syndicate ethical code is being honored for the industry to reach its deserving status of being an important, effective  and influential sector in Egypt".