Badie Calls For Urgent National Dialogue, Stresses Investigation and Retribution for Port Said Massacre

Badie Calls For Urgent National Dialogue, Stresses Investigation and Retribution for Port Said Massacre

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Chairman, called on all parties in Egypt to urgently convene a conference under the name “Dialogue for Egypt’s (6)” in order to discuss the Egyptian people’s pressing issues, and how to take the country out of its current crises; because Egypt is our one homeland.

In a televised speech, on the Egyptian satellite channel Misr25 Thursday (February 2, 2012), Dr. Badie said: This event cannot pass without investigation, accountability and retribution. Egypt has recently witnessed many disasters, crimes and tragedies – in the transition period – but no-one has been punished for any of them; no retribution for the martyrs, which enticed more thugs, criminals, plotters and saboteurs to do their worst.

He called for the perpetrators of Wednesday’s tragedy to be held responsible politically and criminally for their actions, and for an investigation into the matter as soon as possible; because covering up for such murderous crimes cannot be accepted, citing the words of Almighty God, «There is life for you in retribution, O men of understanding, so that you may ward off (evil)» (Quran 2:179).

The MB Chairman stressed that Wednesday’s events highlight the escalation of security chaos and disorder, and that the police is reluctant to perform its role, calling for investigations and accountability of all negligent officials in the Ministry of Interior which must be judiciously cleansed, for questioning of the Interior Minister, and for urgent measures to be taken to provide security.

He called for non-preferential treatment of and fair retribution from prisoners of Tora and the killers of the protesters, for the transfer of the former president to the prison hospital immediately, and for expediting their trials and just punishment. The tumult in Egypt cannot calm down with trials dragging on so slowly. They should not be prosecuted only criminally, but also politically, for all the repression and persecution they did to the Egyptian people.

The Brotherhood Chairman said that the events, the crimes committed Wednesday are moral issues in the first place, as those who murder, wound, steal and lie suffer from moral malaise that must be the first challenge the Egyptian people address. The whole Egyptian people are in this one ship. We all must take responsibility for this ship, its safety and integrity.

He called on the Egyptian people to shoulder their responsibilities in order to achieve a renaissance of morality, and to stand as one in the face of the aggressors so as to apprehend the culprits; because all the people are partners and owners of this homeland, “If we see anyone harming the homeland, we must face them. We must take the hands of one another and march together towards real progress in all areas, starting off from the gate of moral renaissance – with a rejuvenation of principles and values.

Dr. Badie added: It has now become evidently clear to everyone that there are individuals who are plotting for burning this homeland and demolition of its institutions. They are trained for this. They are known to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the police, who are delaying bringing them to justice, which is totally unacceptable. The noble Egyptian people’s revolution was all in order to free themselves from subservience and subordination to any powers but the People, in order to gain the stability, freedom and progress they always dreamed of.

Dr. Badie underscored the need to put these plots in mind, to bring plotters and saboteurs to trial, according to the law, to confront, constrain and arrest hired thugs and other culprits, and to hold them accountable for their crimes against this homeland.

The MB Chairman emphasized that: The Muslim Brotherhood is an integral part of the Egyptian people; they share their pains and hopes; they are with them and for them every step of the way, especially since the people have placed on the Muslim Brotherhood’s shoulders the greatest responsibility, by choosing it to represent them in parliament. The Muslim Brotherhood is the safety valve of Egyptian society.

Dr. Badie explained that the Muslim Brotherhood will stand steadfast in the face of misleading and inflammatory media campaigns that deliberately aim to harm the Muslim Brotherhood, “We trust the Egyptian people to be vigilant and aware. We work with and for them, seeking neither reward nor thanks”, stressing that, “All the demands of the revolution are our demands, and we will not rest until all of the revolutions’ goals are fulfilled.

The MB Chairman held SCAF responsible for Port Said events, together with the Governor of Port Said and the clubs’ boards of directors, for not taking all necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of events like Wednesday’s tragedy, reminding them of Prophet of Islam’s words: “Oh Allah, cause distress to those who take charge over my people and cause them distress”  (reported by the renowned scholar ‘Muslim’).

Dr. Badie also cited the words of the Prophet, " Indeed, the entire world is less important to Allah than the [unlawful] taking of a Believer’s soul", and Omar ibn al-Khattab, " If a mule tripped somewhere in Iraq, God will hold me responsible for it, asking me ‘Why didn’t you pave the road for it, Omar?’"

Dr. Badie said: I talk to the Egyptian people and my heart aches in pain for those who perished, martyrs in no real fight, without facing any real enemy.

The MB leader offered his sincere, heart-felt condolences to all martyrs’ families, praying God to encompass all victims of the Port Said tragedy with His Divine peace and mercy, in Heavens, accompanied by the prophets and the martyrs and the righteous, and to strengthen their families with patience and fortitude. He also offered his condolences to every member of the Egyptian people, and prayed fast recovery for all the injured.