Badie calls on Arab and Muslim leaders and royalty during summit

Badie calls  on Arab and Muslim leaders and royalty during summit

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Royalty and Kings, Presidents and Princes of the Arab States

the 22nd summit of the League of Arab States (LEA), Sirte, Libya

May Peace and Mercy of Allah be upon you

There is no doubt that the Arab and Islamic nations are facing hard and dark times. As every person knows well this will continue to be the case so long as the Zionist enemy supported by the imperialist United States’ war machines continue threatening Palestinian holy sites and persevere  in their conceitedness in determining to demolish the Aqsa Mosque. Your Majesties and Highnesses’ meeting today is significant where all citizens look at you with hopeful expectant eyes, aspiring to take a decisive united stand to support the Arab issues. Citizens will question how they are expected to meet  the Israeli occupation’s arrogance and American’ schemes which are  aimed at justifying their armed interventions in the  Muslim countries in order to plunder their wealth, in particular oil  imposing their agenda and interests against the Arab region’s governments.


 The worst crimes in history by the Israeli army are taking place with the illegal occupation, murder, torture, rape of property and evacuating of rightful land owners. Moreover one and a half million people in the Gaza Strip are being subjected to siege, starvation, and death by enemy missiles, in addition to the continuation of criminal attempts to demolish the Aqsa Mosque, the desecration of holy sites, and the illegal seizing and unjust seizing of the Palestinian Sites as “Jewish Heritage”.


 Netanyahu’s aloofness has reached an all time high to the extent of condescension where he publicly ascertained that not one world leader blamed or rebuked him for his current actions. The Arab and Muslim people have lost faith in the international institutions which appear to be allied with the Israel occupation forces clearly adopting double-standards.

Arab people are still counting on you and hope that the Arab summit not end without a firm pragmatic attitude siding with justice and what is morally correct. This involves the reunification of Palestinians, the supporting of the brave resistance, the lifting of the unjust siege on Gaza and the maintaining of Arab holy sites acknowledged in all divine religions.


It is time to unite and put aside Arab differences in the hope that Muslims regain their freedom and restore their status position which is befitting to the nations to be able to cope and stand in the face of any aggressor and usurper. (And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of Allah)

The Muslim Brotherhood was and always will be   supportive and uniting in solidarity by promoting any decision or position to help the re-establishment of freedom, security and dignity. The Muslim and Arab holy sanctities must be re-established and its holiness restored.

May Allah grant you success, inspiration and guidance


 “If Allah helps you, none can overcome you: If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? In Allah, then, let believers put their trust” [Al ‘Imran: 160]


Dr. Mohammed Badie

Chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Rabi-ul-Aakhar 11th, 1431: March 27th, 2010