• MB News
  • May 12, 2011
  • 2 minutes read

Badie Warns of Falling Prey to Sectarian Strife

Badie Warns of Falling Prey to Sectarian Strife

Describing the secular strife in Imbaba as designed to suit personal agendas Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie warned the people of the repercussions of falling prey to these efforts.

Blaming former state security personnel and remnants of the ousted Mubarak’s regime Badie stressed that unity was significant in these times as Egypt’s future is at stake and that sedition served a few who did not genuinely care for the country.

Addressing a crowd of over 30, 000 in the Daqahleya governorate Badie stated that the MB welcomes all political forces, irrespective of ideological differences. He urged all political factions to run in the parliamentary elections under one united coalition stressing that the group wanted participation not dominance.

Badie stressed that the group calls for a civil state with an Islamic reference which guaranteed equality, freedom, justice and stability for all regardless of religion, colour, sex and creed.