Baghdad Bomb Blast Is Demonic

Baghdad Bomb Blast Is Demonic

This is just sick. The level of barbarity continues to shock. No one has yet claimed responsibility for this crime.

Two mentally disabled women were strapped with explosives Friday and sent into busy Baghdad markets, where they were blown up by remote control, a top Iraqi government official said.

These creeps have a relentless and psychopathic death drive. They love blood and destruction. Their insanity and heartlessness is so complete that it transcends interpretation. Their authoritarian drive is so primal and so pure that normal people can’t generate any type of meaning out of their actions. They have an insatiable drive for control – for power, for domination, for the subjugation of wills. What is even more incomprehensible is that they don’t think they’re villains. They even see themselves as the heroes of their own evil and sick world. This is why they don’t feel the slightest remorse in their actions. That’s what makes them so terrifying.

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