Bahar: Silence in face of aggression not justified

Bahar: Silence in face of aggression not justified

Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the acting PLC speaker, has addressed an urgent message to the Arab and Islamic countries asking them to intervene immediately to bridle the “Zionist aggression” on the Palestinian people.

Bahar said on Friday night that silence was no longer “acceptable” and was “unjustified” whether on the part of all Arab rulers or Arab masses and parties at a time occupation is committing malicious crimes against Palestinian civilians.

The acting speaker affirmed the Palestinian parliament”s backing to resistance in retaliation to the “Zionist aggression”, and called on the resistance to unite its ranks and “teach the enemy an unforgettable lesson”.

He called on the Arab and Islamic media to expose the occupation”s crimes and to organize mass campaigns demanding an end to the siege on the Palestinian people.

Bahar warned the IOA against pursuing the policy of murder against the Palestinians, holding it responsible for any consequences. He stressed that time will come when the IOA will be punished for its crimes.

He finally called on PA chief Mahmoud Abbas to halt all contacts with the “Zionist enemy”, adding, “Negotiations cannot continue while Zionist crimes are persisting”.

For his part, MP Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil, the spokesman of the Hamas-affiliated parliamentary bloc, stressed that the Israeli aggressions on Gaza would not impose capitulation on the Palestinians.

Speaking to the PIC late Friday, Bardawil said that such a “savage” escalation meant that the “Zionist entity” was insane and that none was questioning its insanity.

“Zionists believe they could subdue our people into renouncing resistance but we tell them that such criminality will only boost our insistence on retaliation”, the spokesman underlined.