Bahar: The execution of spies fully agrees with the Palestinian law

Bahar: The execution of spies fully agrees with the Palestinian law

GAZA, — Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC), said Friday that the execution of collaborators who were sentenced to death lately was fully consistent with the Palestinian law and constitution.

In a statement, Dr. Bahar explained that all legal procedures and standards followed against those who were found guilty of spying for Israel, whether with regard to investigation, trial and execution, were enforced according to law and constitution.

He added that the claim that the death penalty falls within the exclusive powers of Mahmoud Abbas is completely unfounded because according to the Palestinian basic law, Abbas’s term of office expired in 9/1/2008 and thus all powers moved to the Palestinian government in Gaza, which is constitutionally entitled to look after the national interests and work according to the nature of the circumstances and needs.

The deputy speaker stressed that all remarks that were made by some human rights organizations reflected a problem in their principles towards the death penalty and contradicted all heavenly and earthly laws, including the Palestinian law and constitution that stipulate the penal code in order to protect the society from the corrupt people and criminals and consolidate peace and social security.

In the same context, the Palestinian Ahrar Movement stated that the death sentences which were enforced Thursday morning in Gaza against two spies involved in the assassination of many resistance leaders during the Aqsa intifada were a must for deterring everyone tempted to collaborate with the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.

The Movement added that this step would constitute a bulwark for the resistance and would extinguish the fire of pain and fury in the hearts of the families whose sons and daughters were killed because of those collaborators.