Bahar: The Palestinian people in Gaza made heroic epics during the Israeli war

Bahar: The Palestinian people in Gaza made heroic epics during the Israeli war

GAZA, (PIC)– Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council, stated on the first anniversary of the Israeli war on Gaza that the Palestinian people made heroic epics during the war and showed incredible fortitude in the face of the Israeli occupation forces.

“The occupation thought that it could stop the Palestinian resistance and the American administration thought that its objectives and projects aimed to liquidate the Palestinian cause would be realized on the land of Gaza by the occupation after it gave it a green light to wage a fierce attack on the Gaza Strip,” Dr. Bahar highlighted during an event held in Gaza.

He added that the crimes committed by the American administration and Israel in Gaza buried all international conventions and treaties.

The deputy speaker called on the Arab League and countries to respect the pledges they made during their summits and meetings to break the blockade imposed on Gaza.

He also called on the UN Security Council and the General Assembly to use their powers and refer Goldstone’s report to the international criminal court in the Hague.

In a press release issued on the anniversary of the Israeli war, the Movement of Hamas paid tribute to the Palestinian people and all armed wings of factions that participated in the defense of Gaza against the Israeli military aggression.

Hamas stressed its right to resist the Israeli occupation until the liberation of Palestine, adding that it is a natural right guaranteed by all heavenly and earthly religions.

Hamas demanded in its statement the western countries especially the US to stop their bias against the Palestinian people and their national rights through undermining Goldstone’s report and obstructing judicial decisions taken against Israeli war criminals.

For their part, the popular resistance committees and its armed wing Salahuddin Brigades stated Sunday that they would remain adherent to the resistance option until the liberation of Palestine.

In a statement, the committees and its armed wing emphasized that the anniversary of the war on Gaza is the day of Israel’s utter military failure.

They noted that Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit will not be released until Israel responds to the demands of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

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