Bahar: IOA committed all forms of war crimes against Palestinians in Gaza

Bahar: IOA committed all forms of war crimes against Palestinians in Gaza

Acting PLC speaker MP Dr. Ahmad Bahar has accused the Israeli occupation authority of committing war crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip as he briefed a Norwegian delegation on the brutal Israeli war on Strip last January.


The Norwegian delegation from the International Coalition against War Criminals comprised five international lawyers who said they were preparing to sue Israeli military and political officials for war crimes they committed in the Strip during the war.


Bahar, who received the delegation at his office in the PLC, also urged the delegation to activate the issue of the kidnapped Palestinian lawmakers, who had been incarcerated in Israeli jails for three years without charges except affiliation with Hamas, by filing petition for their release before Norwegian courts.


“The IOA has committed all forms of war crimes against the unarmed Palestinian civilians as in the case of the Daya and Sammoini family, and by using the civilians as human shields in addition to using intentionally-prohibited weapons in the populated tiny Strip”, confirmed Bahar.


For his part, MP Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabeyya, the chairman of the PLC”s legal committee, pointed out that his committee has documented more than 600 files of war crimes perpetrated by the IOF troops in Gaza.


More than 1,500 Palestinian civilians, the bulk of them children and women were killed, and nearly 6,000 others were wounded, many in serious condition, at the hands of the IOF troops during the war.


Luay Deebeh, a member of the Norwegian delegation of Palestinian origin, asserted that the coalition succeeded in filing war crimes lawsuits against ten Zionist leaders, including former Israeli premier Ehud Olmert, Israeli war minister Ehud Barak, and chief of staff Gabi Ashkenazi among other Israeli officials before Norwegian courts.


“The Norwegian foreign ministry has announced that it won”t interfere in the issue, and that it would leave it for the Norwegian judicial system to decide”, Deebeh underlined.


He said that his group”s moves were effective, explaining that the IOA has advised its officials to avoid traveling to Norway lest they be arrested.


In a separate statement on Monday, Dr. Bahar condemned the Israeli court”s decision to maintain PLC speaker Dr. Aziz Dwaik in custody.


He said that the so-called Israeli judiciary is continuing its “farcical play” against representatives of the Palestinian people and is extending their detention indefinitely.


Bahar asked Arab parliaments to adopt a courageous position against the Israeli violation of international norms and doctrines.