Bahar announces adjournment of PLC session

Bahar announces adjournment of PLC session


Bahar, in a press conference held at the PLC headquarters in Gaza, held Fatah bloc and the Ramallah authority responsible for obstructing the session.

He underlined that PLC speaker Dr. Aziz Dweik, who called for the session, aimed at discussing two important topics first the Israeli attacks on holy shrines and the decision to annex them to Jewish historical sites and the second national reconciliation.

Bahar said that the session was legal based on article 22 of the PLC’s internal system, adding that doors of the hall where the session was supposed to take place in Ramallah were locked.

For her part, MP Dr. Mariam Saleh told the PIC that they arrived at the PLC headquarters in Ramallah but were met with closed doors. She said that all parliamentary blocs should have attended the session but they did not despite receiving invitations.

Another MP Mona Mansour told the PIC that the session was absolutely important in the light of the Israeli ferocious offensive on Islamic holy shrines and repeated attempts to storm the Aqsa Mosque.

“We hoped that the session would have discussed an end to the internal division,” she elaborated.