Bahar asks the world community to support the Palestinian prisoners

Bahar asks the world community to support the Palestinian prisoners

First deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) Dr. Ahmed Bahar has asked the world community to step in and alleviate the suffering of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation jails.

Bahar was speaking at a solidarity sit-in organized by the higher national committee to support the prisoners in cooperation with the PLC and Palestinian factions at the Red Cross premises in Gaza city on Monday.

He held the world fully responsible for the Israeli occupation authority’s (IOA) repression against the prisoners for siding by the IOA against the Palestinian people.

The first deputy speaker referred in this regard to the UN Secretary General who met with the father of the captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and refused to meet with relatives of the Palestinian prisoners.

For his part, minister of justice and prisoners Mohammed Al-Ghoul told the rally that the Palestinian resistance would continue in its policy of capturing Israeli soldiers to trade them for Palestinian prisoners.

The minister told the PIC in a separate statement that the Palestinian prisoners were facing slow death as a result of being subjected to oppression and persecution at the hands of IOA jailors.

He urged the Arab countries, the world community, and human rights groups to pressure the IOA into halting its crimes against the prisoners.

Meanwhile, the prisoners’ center for studies said in a statement on Monday that almost 2,000 Palestinian prisoners were suffering from various diseases including 16 who contracted cancer and their lives are in real danger.

It said that the total number of Palestinian and Arab prisoners had reached 8,200 including 500 from Jerusalem and Palestine occupied in 1948, 380 children and 34 women.