Bahar lashes out at American funding of Iron Dome

Bahar lashes out at American funding of Iron Dome

First deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Dr. Ahmed Bahar has lashed out at the American Congress for agreeing to finance the “Iron Dome” system to defend Israeli settlements against short range missiles.

Bahar in a statement on Sunday said that the US policy toward the Palestine cause was totally exposed, castigating the American administration for its flagrant provocation against the Palestinian people and national interests.

Washington’s recent decisions and positions were all in favor of the “Zionist entity” amidst despicable assertion on supporting Israel and preserving its security and strategic supremacy, he elaborated.

The first deputy speaker called for building strong Palestinian, Arab, Islamic and international stand in face of the “serious American deviation” in dealing with the Palestinian-Zionist issue.

Bahar expressed surprise at the Obama administrations’ attempt to turn facts upside-down and to absolve Israel of its crimes against Gaza and its inhabitants. He explained that the Iron Dome system was picturing Israel as the peaceful lamb facing the Palestinians missiles, which are in fact primitive, crude rockets.

Damage inflicted by those simple rockets could in no way be compared to the vast destruction and horrendous crimes inflicted on the Palestinian people by Israel’s huge military arsenal, he underlined.

Bahar urged Washington to save its reputation before it was too late and to pursue a more balanced political approach to the Middle East crisis away from blind bias in favor of Israel.

The US Congress approved the special aid package to Israel to complete the “Iron Dome” missile defense system. The package, passed by a decisive majority of 401 representatives of both parties, will amount to $205 million. Only eight representatives opposed the package.

US President Barack Obama requested that Congress approve the budget required for completing the development and production of the batteries in addition to the annual security aid of $3 billion which Israel receives from the US.