Bahr: Abbas’s attempt to incite Arabs against Hamas is a shameful attitude

Bahr: Abbas’s attempt to incite Arabs against Hamas is a shameful attitude

Dr. Ahmad Bahr, the first deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC), stated Sunday that Mahmoud Abbas’s attempts to incite Arab countries to boycott Hamas are a shameful political behavior reflecting his reluctance to achieve the national reconciliation.

In a press release issued by the PLC, Dr. Bahr also added that Abbas is trying through such incitement against Hamas to urge the besieging parties to tighten their economic and political siege on the Gaza Strip, noting that such moves coincided with earlier Israeli threats to wage another war on Gaza.

He said that Abbas’s persistence in making offensive and inciting remarks against Hamas reflects the political and psychological crisis he is living in after the US and Israel stopped to support him in a way that revive his distressed political life and save his face in front of his people.

In another context, the Movement of Hamas strongly denounced some Palestinian journalists who lately visited one of Abbas’s jails in Al-Khalil for denying that there is torture in West Bank jails, stressing the blood of the victims who were killed inside those prisons would remain a stigma on the Palestinian authority (PA).

Commenting on allowing some journalists to visit Hamas political prisoners in the preventive security’s jails, Hamas stressed that its prisoners would not dare, if they were asked, to say they were exposed to torture because if they did, they would be tortured to death as happened to martyrs Haitham Amro, Majd Al-Barghouthi, Mohamed Al-Hajj and Fadi Hamdana.

Hamas called on the media outlets in the West Bank especially Ma’an news agency to be brave and visit many Palestinian citizens who were released from Abbas’s jails recently and check their health conditions mentally and physically.

Ma’an news agency turned recently into a mouthpiece of the PA in Ramallah and embarked on beautifying the imprisonment conditions inside Abbas’s jails and denying prisoners’ exposure to torture, Hamas noted.

For their part, Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank deplored Abbas’s militias for kidnapping the director of their office in Tulkarem Khaled Alayan, saying it is a desperate attempt to hinder their parliamentary work and prevent them from assuming their duties.

The lawmaker affirmed that the policy of harassment and restriction pursued by the PA against them would not stop them from performing their parliamentary duties, but rather it would make them more determined to serve the Palestinian people, warning that such practices would be an obstacle to the reconciliation efforts.