• February 10, 2008

Bahraini delegation: We won’t travel back except through the Rafah crossing

Bahraini delegation: We won’t travel back except through the Rafah crossing

The Bahraini solidarity delegation stranded in the Gaza Strip announced Sunday their insistence on returning to Bahrain through the Rafah border crossing, rejecting the return through the Israel-controlled Karam Abu Salem crossing and the normalization with the Israeli occupation.

“We entered Gaza legitimately through the Egyptian borders and security points and our way back will be only through the Rafah crossing,” Bahraini MP Nasser Al-Fadalah stated during a picket organized by the PLC in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the acting speaker and a number of MPs.

MP Fadalah added that if his delegation”s return through the Karam Abu Salem crossing was insisted on, it would be their pleasure to stay in Gaza as guests.

The Bahraini lawmaker also strongly denounced the ongoing Israeli aggression and crimes against the Gaza people, pointing out the Palestinian people have a legitimate right to defend their homeland.

For his part, Dr. Bahar appreciated the honorable stands of the Bahraini leadership and people towards the Gaza people, expressing his regret and dismay at the Egyptian measure that barred the Bahraini delegation from passing through the Rafah crossing.

Dr. Bahar appealed to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his government to intervene immediately to secure a decent return of the Bahraini delegation to their country through the Rafah crossing.