Ballot-Rigging in The Four Constituencies of Asyut

Ballot-Rigging in The Four Constituencies of Asyut
By: Muhammad Reda

Flagrant security intervention was remarkably recorded in the four constituencies, in which the Muslim Brotherhood candidates vie for the run-off parliamentary elections. Most of the polling stations in the constituency of Asyut city were besieged and almost locked in the face of the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Dr. Khaled Abdul Kader Awda. 
Our correspondents have observed an assault, in polling station no.37 of the Regional Store for Health, on the general deputy Dr. Wahid Muhammad Hassan, Ismaeel Farouk and Hamza Hassan Al-Bana, whom were attacked by the bullies of the National Democratic Party (NDP). Dr. Wahid was injured in the head, while Hamza Al-Bana was hospitalized.
The perpetrators were identified as: Hassan Muhammad Hassan, Abdul Aziz (well-known as Mido) and Abdu Galal, who were confined in the police station. Al-Jazeera Channel correspondent has recorded the incident and made an interview with Dr. Wahid.      
At Arab Mateer polling station in Al-Fath constituency, where the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Dr. Abdul Aziz Khalaf  contend against the NDP candidate, Mahmud Hashim, the security officer has expelled Abdul Hakim Abdullah Muhammad, deputy of the polling station, and ordered a number of the police officers to arrest him. When the deputy complained to the judge, the judge said he had nothing to do with whatever happened out the polling station.       
In Al-Qusseya, the birthplace of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mahmud Helmy, a “circulating sheet” was seized by the deputy of the candidate in front of the polling station no.126. The holder of the sheet was kept in custody, while the incident was registered in the presence of two witnesses. The judge in the polling station no.138 has not opened the station for the voters – till the time of writing of this report- under the pretense that the deputy of the NDP has not been present. In the polling station no. 33 in Asyut constituency, there was no indelible ink.