Ballots Stuffed With Voting (Yes) in Dakahlia

The ruling NDP distributed on the eve of the referendum many ballot papers to be stuffed with (yes) vote to put them on in the ballot boxes to pass the constitutional amendments !!
 The National Democratic Party (NDP) distributed, on Sunday evening on the eve of the referendum, ballot papers allocated for voting on the constitutional amendments on some NDP members in the village of Basandila, Belqas, Dakahlia, 300 km north of Cairo, to be stuffed with (yes) vote to put them on Monday March, 26, in the ballot boxes to pass the constitutional amendments !!
The local councils in Belqas and other districts governoratewide urged citizens to vote (yes) in the referendum; the local council of Al Zahraa affiliated to Belqas district rent a car with amplifiers yesterday from 8.00am to pass by the villages belonging to the local council, calling on citizens to vote (yes) for the referendum on the constitutional amendments .
Ikhwanweb sources said that voting process stopped in the village of Awesh, Nansoura, after all ballot papers were stuffed and rigged for approving the constitutional amendments.
The State Security Police in village were ordered to hang signs bearing the same slogans with the name of the National Democratic Party on streets; the city of Mansoura was filled with such signs calling for participating in the referendum .
Also, the Traffic Department in the city of Mansoura took driving licenses of more than 350 microbuses to force the drivers of these vehicles to come on the morning of the referendum to take voters from their work places and make them vote more than one time in various polling centres; when asked why he doesn’t oppose this, a driver whose driving licence was taken said: why dares to oppose and say “no”?!

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