• January 2, 2008

Barak: IOF barriers in WB to remain as they are

Barak: IOF barriers in WB to remain as they are

Israeli war minister Ehud Barak dealt a blow to the PA-Israeli negotiations as he stated that the Israeli barriers in the occupied West Bank would remain after they proved effectiveness and urged the PA leadership to extend a helping hand to crush the Palestinian resistance.

During a visit to the Israeli military Tal Al-Ras post in northern West Bank, Barak said that the Israeli occupation could not wage a war and achieve the desired results against Palestinian resistance without real control on the ground on a daily basis, reconfirming that all barriers would remain in their positions.

Regarding the Israeli allegation that the IOF had dismantled tens of barriers, a report issued by the Israeli Ha”aretz newspaper refuted these claims, asserting that the Israeli talk about dismantling barriers does not go beyond statements.

The war minister also underlined that his government does not intend to change its policy in the West Bank, saying “We do not intend to stop monitoring and controlling the movement and activities in the West Bank.”

The minister alleged that the main objective of these arbitrary policies is to strike the resistance groups especially Hamas and the Popular Front, admitting that the Palestinian resistance has a lot of men and determination to fight the occupation and without intelligence control and military efficiency on the ground there would be other operations like the one in which two Israeli soldiers were killed last Friday.