Bardawil: Abbas tried to sow discord between Egypt and Hamas in his speech

Bardawil: Abbas tried to sow discord between Egypt and Hamas in his speech

GAZA, (PIC)– Dr. Salah al-Bardawil, a prominent Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, said that the speech made by Abbas, whose term in office as PA President expired a year ago, was used to sow discord between Egypt and Hamas, reflecting the extent of political bankruptcy reached by Abbas.

“Abbas has lost ability to talk about a political agenda with Palestinian features, he was content with beseeching the occupation to return to the negotiating table. The Palestinian people are tired of his speeches, which are full of lies,” said Dr. Bardaweel in a statement on Thursday to the PIC.

“This man is a professional liar who tries to market his lies to a group of bankrupt [people around him]. Any Palestinian child can make that out and refute [Abbas’s allegations].  His speeches can make a good collection of satire after his failure in negotiating peace with the occupation,” he added.

He also talked about how Abbas’s speech reflected the state of moral bankruptcy he reached when dealing with other Palestinians who do not agree with him, while when he addresses the Israeli occupation he talks softly, wishing they would return to negotiations.

He added that Abbas was not prompted by the US or the Israeli occupation to sign a Palestinian national reconciliation agreement, but he wanted to embroil Hamas into signing a document that squanders Palestinian constants.

On the political level, Abbas does not know what to do next after his project which he started by giving up 80% of Palestine failed, Bardawil said.

He described  Abbas’s claim that Hamas offered him a ten-year extension for the presidential post and the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) as a “big lie” pointing out that Hamas has got a majority in the PLC and it was Abbas who was asking for an extension in his post.

He also pointed out that Abbas, whose speech coincided with the Israeli occupation war on Gaza, insists on describing the resistance as futile, which exposes his support for the war on Gaza.