Bardawil: The Palestinian fisherman was killed

Bardawil: The Palestinian fisherman was killed

Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil, a leading figure in the Hamas movement, on Wednesday accused an Egyptian gunboat with deliberately colliding with a Palestinian fishing boat earlier in the day then passing over the fisherman Mohammed Al-Bardawil to make sure that he was dead.

Bardawil said in a statement that the Egyptian commander of the boat did not attempt to rescue the fisherman and left him until he was sure of his death.

He added that the body was left in the waters until his injured son got it out after the Egyptian soldiers beat him and other fishermen who happened to be in the same area.

The Hamas official charged the Egyptian soldiers with killing the fisherman in cold blood, calling on Cairo to investigate the incident that smeared the image of Egypt.

“We are grieved and angered at what happened and we ask the official and human rights groups to act and save the Palestinian fishermen and laborers who are trying to secure their livelihood under difficult circumstances,” Bardawil concluded.