• August 3, 2010

Bardawil: Hamas never fired missiles at Eilat

Bardawil: Hamas never fired missiles at Eilat

GAZA, Hamas leader Dr. Salah al-Bardawil questioned Israeli data on Grad missiles fired at Eilat, denying that Hamas had any involvement in the incident.

Bardawil told Quds Press that the source of information on the rockets is Israel itself. “The Israeli enemy,” he said, “is interested in threatening and targeting leaders and personalities in the field, and the only version of the story received so far is the Israeli version, and we doubt their credibility, as the occupation forces are looking for excuses to justify its aggression against the Gaza Strip, and working to confuse and curb international criticism against it.”

He added: “It is a message addressed to the League of Arab States to force out more concessions, and a message also to the U.S. administration, that it does not determine priorities in the region.”

Bardawil denied any connection between Hamas and the missiles. He said: “We in Hamas are not interested in dragging war against the Palestinian people, whose wounds are still bleeding. And the enemy knows we did not fire the missiles. We have only heard about these missiles from the Israelis, and they were not launched from Gaza. In any case, we do not want war, but if the Zionist entity believes that we are not able to defend our people, they are mistaken. We will defend our people with all we own, and we will be victorious, Allah-willing.”