Barghouthi: Netanyahu’s speech to circumvent Obama’s speech

MP Dr. Mustafa Al-Barghouthi has charged that the speech of Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu would attempt to circumvent the American president Barack Obama”s speech in Cairo and put hurdles in face of any positive developments displayed in that speech.


Barghouthi, the secretary general of the national initiative party, said in a press statement on Sunday that what Netanyahu would say would destroy any hope for just peace.


He pointed to what has been leaked that Netanyahu would refuse freezing settlement activity and would reject any negotiations on occupied Jerusalem. He added that the premier would also seek to win normalization with the Arab countries without ending occupation or establish the fully sovereign Palestinian state.


The MP said that Netanyahu was returning to the old policy of former premier Ariel Sharon through imposing impractical conditions to deepen the Palestinian rift then claim that there was no Palestinian partner for peace talks.


For his part, Ahmed Al-Tibi, a member of the Israeli parliament, said that Netanyahu”s address would not carry any political breakthrough but would rather “play with words” in order to evade American pressure in the issue of the two-state solution and settlement activity.


He expected Netanyahu to declare commitment to the American roadmap plan and maybe the term Palestinian state but with his conditions that it should be without any real sovereignty leaving Israel to control borders and without control on its natural resources or air space.


Tibi expected Netanyahu to refuse freezing the settlement drive, and hoped that the Obama administration would not fall in Netanyahu”s trap.