Barhoum: IOA preparing for its racist, fanatic state

Barhoum: IOA preparing for its racist, fanatic state

Gaza — Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, has charged that the recent Israeli occupation authority (IOA) escalation against Shafat refugee camp in occupied Jerusalem was in preparation for the establishment of a purely Jewish, racist and fanatic state.

He told the PIC on Thursday that the IOA aims at confusing the Palestinian arena in addition to  achieving its target of keeping the Palestinian people under pressure.

The spokesman stressed that the IOA is exploiting the Ramallah authority’s retreating positions, the Arab silence and the world community’s passiveness.

He charged that the Israeli mentality is based on terrorism, violence, murder and bloodshedding , which is apparent in the IOA assassinations, shelling, displacing people and finally attacking the refugee camp.

Barhoum called for an urgent and strong Arab stand to bridle the IOA aggression emphasizing that without this stand  the result would be judaizing Jerusalem, destroying the Aqsa, and committing more crimes against the people.

In a related context, an opinion poll published by the Hebrew paper Ha’aretz revealed that 75% of the Jews in Israel were in favor of expelling Palestinians to the future Palestinian state in the event of any future settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.