Barhoum confirms Hamas’s excellent rapports with Palestinian Christians

Barhoum confirms Hamas’s excellent rapports with Palestinian Christians

GAZA, The Hamas Movement has reaffirmed Tuesday its excellent relationship with Palestinian Christians, underlining that any attempt to drive a wedge between Hamas and Palestinian Christians would fail.

The governor of Qalqilia district Rabeeh Al-Khandakji, who is an official of Fatah faction, alleged that the PA police arrested a group of Hamas cadres behind the torching of the Christian Youths Society and a vehicle belonging to the International Committee of the Red Cross in Qalqilia city.

Spokesman of Hamas in Gaza Strip Fawzi Barhoum categorically denied Khandakji”s allegations, asserting that such fabrications fall in line with the goal of the warlords in the PA institution to divide the Palestinian people and to drive a wedge between the various Palestinian religious groups “to satisfy their desires and greed, and to please the Americans and the Israelis in fighting the Palestinian resistance factions, especially Hamas.

He also lashed at the warlords in the PA security departments and other institutions, underlining that unpatriotic statements from PA officials in the West Bank, including Deyab Al-Ali, and Akel Al-Sa”adi, the PA national security chief, and the chief of the PA intelleigcne in the West Bank respectively, in addition to Khandakji were meant to spoil the Palestinian people”s optimism of restoring national unity.

“They (the warlords in PA) are working against the will and interests of the Palestinian people and trying to derail efforts for the national dialogue because a comprehensive national reconciliation wasn’t in their favor as they could be held accountable for the crimes they had and still are committing against their fellow Palestinians”, asserted Barhoum.