Bastawisi’s Statements to Ikhwanweb Hours Before He Suffered Heart Attack

Judge Hisham Bastawisi gave an exclusive interview about his ordeal with the government and few hours later, we learned of the sad news of the Heart attack he suffered. We pray to God for his speedy and complete recovery. The following are the excerpts of his latest interview

Bastawisi Threatens to Sue Government in European Courts

Few hours before his appearance before the disciplinary court, Judge Hisham Bastawisi stated to Ikhwanweb that the government actions towards the judges are clear indications that it, the government, is not interested in neither political nor judiciary reform and is willing to close the reform issue.

No Mediation with the government

He denied press reports of mediation efforts between the Judges and the Government “the Egyptian government does not need mediation. It [The government] is capable of resolving the crisis if it really wants to. There is an organized campaign by the government by circulating media reports about mediations efforts in order to make the public believe that it is attempting to find a solution and consequently undermine the overwhelming support we received by the people” Bastawisi stated.

Majority of Egypt’s Judges are on our side

Judge Bastawisi added, “The vast majority of Egypt’s judges are on our side and support our demands for judiciary independence which will be the only guarantee for freedoms in Egypt”

We will sue before European courts

In a defiant tone, judge Bastawisi declared his intention, along with judges Mikki, to sue the government before European courts in case of a guilty verdict by the disciplinary court which currently trying his case “We will sue the government before European courts if Egyptian court find us guilty since they [government] blocked all other avenues before us”

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