Bayanouni: Syrian Elections A Failure

Syrian Brotherhood leaders described the last Syrian parliamentary elections as ” a repeated farce”, and expected that the coming presidential vote will only lead matters from bad to worse.
Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group in Syria Ali Sadruddin Bayanouni described the last Syrian parliamentary elections as ” a repeated farce”, confirming that they were ” scandalously rigged “, and that the winners represent “only themselves and the regime that made them succeed.”
“The latest parliamentary elections had no relation with the rules of a free election approved in democratic countries”, Bayanouni said, in a statement to Ikhwanweb, pointing out that they ” were held under article 8 of the constitution, that imposes the Baath Party as a leader for the country and society and under emergency laws and martial laws that do not allow any five persons to gather, and under an election law that gives the Baath Party and regime vetted parties, more than two thirds of parliament seats”.
“Even the so called independents MPs, no one of them can win except after the regime’s approval; add to this the scandalous riggings that marred these elections, added the MB leader.
Asked how some Islamic-oriented persons in these elections, the MB leader said” it is a taken for granted fact that the Islamic movement in Syria is the biggest opposition group against polices of the regime; most citizens from all political movements abided by the attitude of the national opposition powers of boycotting these elections; confirmed reports show that the turnout in these election did not exceed 6 % at best”.
Bayanouni added, “Therefore, the results of these elections doesn’t reflect, by any means, people’s views or aspirations; the winners represent only themselves and the regime that helped them to win ” .
“Even if some candidates managed, despite all these barriers, to succeed in the elections like MPs Riyad Saif and Mamoun Al-Homsi, in the past, the assessment depends on their future performance” he added.
Bayanouni denied the Syrian government’s allegations that the elections were the fairest in Syrian history; “These elections are merely a repeated farce, and a rigging to the will the Syrian people”.
When asked about the MB preparations for the coming presidential referendum, that will give Al Asad seven more years in office, Bayanouni said:” The coming presidential referendum will be rigged like the parliamentary elections; I do not think that it deserves any interest, because there will be only one single candidate to be nominated by the Baath Party and the People’s Assembly must approve it; the result of the referendum, whether it is 99.99 % or any other result, will mean nothing to the Syrians and will not help in confronting domestic or foreign crises that Syria is facing; it will only lead matters from bad to worse”.

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