Bayanouni: Withdrawal of Freemen Gathering From Salvation Front No Harm To Our Action

Ali Sadruddin Bayanouni , the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Syria, raise his eyebrows why Hossam Al Deray, a member of the General Secretariat at Syaria’s National Salvation Front called it quits from the front, although he has never had any political rows with the front.
Bayanouni confirmed that he respects Hossam Al Deray’s decision because he joined the front out of a free will and left it out of the same free will.
” I think we have disagreements between our brother Hossam, one of those who participated in forming the salvation front’s basic system, charter and work program, and he knows well that the front takes its decisions on a basis of consensus. There has been no reports of any substantial disagreements between us and Hossam Al Deray, leader of the Democratic National Freemen Gathering.
Bayanouni pointed out that the board of the National Salvation Front held his conference a month ago, during which presented an evaluation of the performance of the front during the past year. This conference wasn’t attended by Hossam Al Deray because of commitments of his own, and there were no disagreements like those he mentioned in his statement on withdrawing from the Salvation Front, according to him.
The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood group highlighted again his attitude of opposing any foreign intervention in Syria, saying: ” Our policy is based on not seeking any foreign support to change situations in the homeland. we will not accept any aggression against our country, and we demand a peaceful change through Syrian hands, away from the foreign intervention”.
Bayanouni denied that the dialogue held between the Salvation Front’s  office in Washington and the US administration isn’t a part of seeking foreign support, saying:”There has been contacts between the Salvation Front’s office in Washington, including brother Hossam Al Deray, and the US administration. The dialogue included exchanging viewpoints but it isn’t related it with any request for aid or force against Syria”.
Asked whether Al Deray quitting from the front will have any effect on the front’s programs or action, Bayanouni said: ” I do not think so. the front is formed by a number of political powers and figures. The withdrawal of one side doesn’t mean paralyzing its action”.
Hossam Al Deray, a member of the General Secretariat of the National Salvation Front, which the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria participated in establishing, along with ex-Syrian Vice-President Abdel Halim Khaddam and other opponents in exile including Al Deray himself, has declared his withdrawal from the front, saying in a statement about this:” I was forced to take a decision which I didn’t want to take because I believe in the principle of teamwork and democracy and respecting the views of the other, rejecting principles of totalitarianism and authoritarianism. I declare my withdrawal from the National Salvation Front after sidelining the principles according to which the front was based, and after I failed in putting clear mechanisms for dealing with the region’s variables and incidents, according to him.