• April 23, 2007

Bayanouni: Syrian Elections Mean Nothing to Syrians

Bayanouni: Syrian Elections Mean Nothing to Syrians

Ali Sadr al-Din Bayanouni, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria said that the elections that are held today in Syria add nothing new to the Syrian political life .
Bayanouni said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the elections is a recurrent farce which add nothing to the political stagnation in Syria .
Bayanouni pointed out that the Syrian people got bored of these elections; this is because two thirds of the People”s Assembly seats are reserved for the ruling Baath Party and no real opposition can defeat the ruling party; the elections are just a political decor for the ruling regime .
Bayanouni confirmed that all opposition parties are boycotting the current elections and called on the Syrian people to boycott them .
The MB leader added that experiences of the past forty year proved that it is useless to participate in such elections because there is no suitable atmosphere for holding any fair elections under the current regime .
When asked whether there is any change other than the way of the elections, Bayanouni says that change in Syria can take place through an agreement with all political powers to achieve a real change, draft a new constitution and annul all exceptional laws, specially law 49 that sentences to death anyone belonging to the Muslims Brotherhood.
Bayanouni confirmed that there is no hope for change or a real democracy under the Baath Party”s control over all state bodies.
It is worth mentioning that the voting process started in Syria on Sunday to elect a new parliament which is expected to remain under the control of ruling Baath Party.
Elected every four years, the Syrian People”s Assembly (parliament) has no effect on politics. A state of emergency has been imposed in Syria during the past four decades; opposition parties are outlawed in the country.
All powers are concentrated in president Bashar Al-Asad who succeeded his father Hafez Al-Assad in 2000.
Most seats are of the 250 seat parliament are controlled by the Baath Party. All candidates, up to 2400 candidates, were given the green light by government in order to run for the elections.

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