Bayanouni to Ikhwanweb: Syrian Revolution a Long-Awaited Duty

Bayanouni to Ikhwanweb: Syrian Revolution a Long-Awaited Duty

Former Syrian MB Controller Ali Sadruddin Bayanouni noted that the demonstrations which swept across Syria yesterday are a legitimate and long-awaited right of the Syrian people against Syria’s violent and repressive system.

In a statement to "Ikhwanweb", he said that the demonstrations that have swept across Syria are a long-awaited and a part of the great Arab revolt that was carried out by Syria’s young men who have been waiting for a long time for reform as their souls are yearning for freedom and are looking forward to a better tomorrow.

Bayanouni argued that it is a popular revolution, and is not organized by a certain organization or political party.

He also explained that the Muslim Brotherhood, despite having no direct role in anti-government protests, are an integral and influential part of the structure in Syrian society, due to their peaceful approach. Law 49/1980 has sentenced to death anyone who is active with the Muslim Brotherhood and this law is still in force but it has not yet written off the group’s vital and pioneering role.

He concluded his speech by saying that peaceful demonstrations will put an end to the injustice and will grant freedom to the Syrian people.