• October 3, 2015
  • 4 minutes read

Beheira Anti-Coup National Alliance Condemns Latest Extrajudicial Killings by Junta Forces

Beheira Anti-Coup National Alliance Condemns Latest Extrajudicial Killings by Junta Forces
The Zionist Egyptian junta’s relentless campaign of mass slaughter, systematic assassinations and slow murders by deliberate medical neglect in lengthy so-called pretrial detention spills the blood of innocent sons and daughter of Egypt, every day watering the tree of freedom, until the Revolution liberates this homeland from the treacherous junta occupation.

On Wednesday, security forces from the coup regime’s Interior Ministry assassinated four innocent youths from the Delengat town in Egypt’s Beheira province. Those junta militias shot the four young men at point-blank, in cold blood, outside the framework of the law, after they arrested them. The coup’s Interior Ministry commits such heinous crimes in false immunity, granted to it by its unjust terrorism law, which considers all Egyptians terrorists.

Today (Friday), the coup’s Interior Ministry killed Salah Rizk Albasosi, a Kafr el-Dawwar lawyer. Albasosi died as a result of deliberate medical negligence by junta authorities, after he suffered a 7-month fight with his illness, in a junta detention center, during which coup authorities deprived him of his legal right to treatment after arresting and detaining him unjustly on trumped up charges.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Beheira assures that the military junta’s murderous Interior Ministry will not dodge punishment in revolutionary trials, at the hands of Egypt’s revolutionaries throughout the homeland, after they ultimately defeat the coup and its cronies.

The Alliance calls all patriotic sons and daughters of Beheira to rise in a revolutionary wave that shakes the thrones of the criminals and murderers, to exact retribution for the blood of the martyrs from the treacherous fascist coup commanders, who violated all sanctities, plundered all the homeland’s resources and grabbed power by sheer force.

The Alliance further assures that the blood of the innocent spilled by a handful traitors will not be laid to waste. Supporters, families and friends of those martyrs will not rest or give up until they exact retribution from the treacherous killers.

The Alliance is documenting all the putschists’ crimes in order to take the necessary actions at home and abroad, calling on all human rights organizations and legal bodies to do its part and defend all innocent Egyptians.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Beheira

Friday – October 2, 2015