Beheira Brotherhood Slams Latest Military Court Sentences Against 500 Civilians

Beheira Brotherhood Slams Latest Military Court Sentences Against 500 Civilians

 The Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office in Beheira (to the north west of Cairo) condemns the politicized sentences issued by a military court in the fake "Burning of Beheira Town Hall" case, and the fabricated "Burning of Hosh Essa Police Station" case, against hundreds of opponents of the coup, including a large number of patriotic leaders and well-known activists.

Yesterday’s (Tuesday’s) life sentences are null and void, issued by judges who have clearly sold themselves to the murderous junta. Those dishonorable judges do not deserve to even sit among any judiciary. Their place is in the waste-bins of history.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative office in Beheira deems these unjust verdicts and sentences a punishment of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, its objectives, its gains and its men and women. Constitutional and revolutionary legitimacy established by the 2011 Revolution is the basis of the real struggle now in the streets. These sham trials and intensely politicized verdicts and sentences have nothing to do with justice, and hence are null and void.

The treasonous military coup declares every day that it does not care at all for the hearts and minds of the people. Having crushed the people’s will with military tanks, it announced today (Wednesday) the incarceration of the will of the people, to entrench the oppression, tyranny and persecution that Egypt has been suffering since the junta executed its illegitimate coup – until the Revolution topples the traitorous junta and ends its treasonous coup completely and unequivocally.

For most Egyptians today, the Egyptian judiciary no longer administers justice. The great many legal irregularities and crimes committed in the trials, murder in the name of law and religion, turning a blind eye to torture, kidnapping and enforced disappearance, and then topping it all with harsh politicized sentences, have taken the judiciary to an end point where the people can no longer forget or forgive.

The Revolution continues – a comprehensive revolution, just and strong. The struggle in which thousands of peaceful anti-coup protesters sacrificed their blood in the streets, the lost lives of patriotic citizens spent in prison or hunted by junta forces, the groans of tortured men and women and even children, and the rape of young girls of Egypt by junta security forces, all these will not be in vain. The day will soon come for prompt, inevitable and just retribution.

The Muslim Brotherhood – Beheira

Wednesday – August 12, 2015