Beit Hanun massacre , number of martyrs rise to 22

Toll of Palestinian fatalities has risen to 22 and more than 120 others were wounded (many critically) on Thursday as a result of the brutal IOF troops’ incursion into the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanun that started Wednesday.

A 75-year-old Palestinian man was directly hit Thursday morning with Israeli sniper bullets while waiting outside his house in the city that instantly killed him.

Local eyewitnesses said that another Palestinian body was still lying on the street as ambulance teams face difficulty in reaching him due to the IOF targeting of the Palestinian medical teams in the area. The report, if proved correct, raises the fatalities to 11.

PA health ministry affirmed the toll, adding that number of fatalities could further increase as many of the wounded Palestinians were in critical conditions and were denied treatment due to the continued IOF troops’ blocking of medical teams.

Fence of Beit Hanun hospital was partially destroyed by the IOF military bulldozers with large numbers of IOF troops and military equipments besieging it and denying doctors and paramedics from treating the injured civilians.

The siege of the hospital and the entire city prompted a spokesman of the PA health ministry to reiterate the ministry’s urgent call on the Palestinian people to donate blood to save lives of the wounded citizens, adding that the ministry was doing all it could and was coordinating with the ICRC in order to break the siege on the city and allow more medical needs and ambulances into it.

A number of the civilian fatalities had reportedly bled to death as a result of the IOF troops’ denial of access to them. Sick Palestinians and pregnant women scheduled for delivery were reportedly finding hardship in reaching the hospital due to the IOF military cordon.

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