Beitawi: Hurva the start of the end for Israel

Beitawi: Hurva the start of the end for Israel

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, MP Hamed Al-Beitawi, the head of the Palestine scholars league, on Friday said that the Israeli occupation’s attacks on the Aqsa Mosque never stopped ever since the occupation of eastern Jerusalem back in 1967.

Beitawi, however, opined that the Israeli opening of the Hurva or ruin synagogue near the Aqsa Mosque was signaling the start of the final downfall of Israel.

He charged a number of Arab regimes with conspiring with Israel but said that the Arab and Islamic masses would not remain silent in face of such violations of Islamic holy sanctities.

Another Jerusalemite MP Ahmed Atton said in a press statement on Friday that the uprising in occupied Jerusalem in support of the Aqsa and other Islamic holy shrines is the real response to all those conspiring against Jerusalem and Islamic shrines.

The lawmaker denounced the PA in Ramallah for quelling marches that hit the streets in solidarity with the Aqsa, and lashed out at the official Arab and Islamic silence towards the Israeli sacrilegious acts.