Beitawi warns of letting down the Aqsa

Beitawi warns of letting down the Aqsa

MP Sheikh Hamed Al-Beitawi, the head of the association of Palestinian religious scholars, has warned all those letting down the Aqsa Mosque, describing them as “sinful”.

Beitawi said that preventing the masses from supporting the Aqsa is a sin and a kind of loyalty to the enemy.

He told the PIC that Arab and Islamic rulers and ruled are called upon to stand up against the incessant Israeli aggressions on the Aqsa and attempts to judaize it.

All should bear the responsibility of defending the Aqsa not through meetings or futile negotiations but rather through practical steps, he said, calling on the Ramallah authority to halt security coordination with Israel.

Beitawi also asked the Arabs and Muslims to sever all kinds of normalization with Israel.